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Looking for the Best Car Rental in Chennai?

Car rentals are an easy and convenient way to move around in a large city like Chennai. In a small city, you will be able to find ample of taxis and autos as the general demand for such services in low. In a large and growing city like Chennai, you can’t get a taxi for all your travels. Moreover, taxis are often used by many people. In this time of the pandemic, it is not safe to use a public vehicle that is constantly under use. Drivers will not be able to clean the cars continuously as they will be getting new customers continuously. Instead, get a car rental in Chennai and travel safely.

Royal Picks – Trusted Car Rental in Chennai

Royal Picks is one of the most trusted car rentals in Chennai. We have a large fleet of cars of more than 87 models. With more than 60+ lakhs of customers every year, we are averaging more than 2000 trips daily. These numbers are a testimony to the quality of our service. Our best car rental in Chennai provides 100% satisfaction each and every time you book a car from us.

Best Car Rental Service in Chennai

You can easily book a car for yourself from our car rentals in Chennai. You can either download the app or just a give call to our customer support to book our cars. This flexible approach to booking a car ensures that even people without smartphones can easily book the best car rental service in Chennai. We are in this business for 4+ years and the high level of confidence that our clients have in our services is visible in the Google reviews that we get.

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Well Maintained & Equipped Cars

We take pride in the pristine condition of our cars. Whether the cleanliness, the general condition of the engine, brakes, tires, and other parts of our cars, we have the best cars in Chennai. Our cars are properly maintained through periodic check-services and immediate repairing of parts.

No matter which car you hire from us, you will experience the same level of comfort and convenience in all the cars. The control of the cars will be in top-notch condition and you need not worry about the condition of the roads or the weather like rainy or sunny days. Our fully air-conditioned cars will provide a convenient journey experience for you.

Zero Additional Charges

We do not levy any additional charges on your bill. We only charge for the car rental service in Chennai and we don’t have a separate booking fee. However, there will be some cancellation charges if you cancel the trip after starting it. Please contact our customer support to know about this in detail. We are more than willing to help you with the same.

Complete Privacy & Freedom

Our drivers maintain a very high level of professionalism. We work with only pre-verified drivers who have genuine credentials. So, you need not worry about the confidentiality and privacy of your trip. Also, our car rentals give you complete freedom to travel around the city without any limit on the distance or time. You can stop the vehicle anywhere or anytime you want.

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