Use Sanitized Self Drive Car Rental in Chennai to Make Your Journey Safe and Secure

The Best Self drive Car Rentals in Chennai

Royal picks is the prominent Car rental company, we offer exceptional self drive car rental service at a very affordable price. Whether you are traveling to Chennai or from Chennai we offer best self drive cars that cater to all your needs. We comprised a wide range of cars to choose from and all our car hire in Chennai plans are flexible and can be altered as per your requirement. If you are thinking of rental car services we Royal picks is the best option you can rely on.

Why Choose Royal Picks over other Self Drive Car Rental Services

Although Chennai got some beautiful place to visit choosing the right car rental which suits your budget is very important. Whether you are planning for shopping or small intercity ride or adventures ride it may be anything we Royal picks offer you exceptional Rental self drive cars. By choosing our best car rental in Chennai you can explore the very end of Chennai at your own pace.

We emphasize convenience and comfort is two main factors when it comes to rental car services in Chennai. Some individuals love to go on an adventure trip which some people like to sit back and enjoy the sights. Whatever the choice maybe comforting is important in both cases. As a best self drive car rentals we committed to providing travelers a comfy and enjoyable ride as they hit on the roads.

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Why Self Drive cars in Chennai?

Chennai is a vast city to explore relying on taxi and public transport sure will be the worst option you can think off, as they are unable to reach to a certain remote location. Whereas choosing our self drive cars in Chennai you can reach remote location and unexplored areas with the full freedom of driving your own car.

Advantages of Royal Picks Self drive cars in Chennai


Holding luggage and finds a taxi or public transport will entirely spoil the mood of the journey. Imagine having a car waiting outside the right way to pick you up. You can pick the car of your choice we will deliver the car at the preferred location or at your doorstep.


By availing our self drive cars in Chennai you can have the freedom and privacy of driving your own car. Whether you need a self drive car to drive on your own or need a Chauffer drive car rental in Chennai we offer the best in class services.


Now, book your favorite car for the road trip made simple. As the leading Car rental in Chennai, we are embraced with a wide range of cars collection. Be it you need a hatch bag for intercity ride or Sedan for a long ride or need a luxury car for a business trip we got one for every need.


The world is filled with a lot of new places to explore it is crucial to choose the Self drive car rental service in Chennai which shouldn’t drain your wallet. Be it Self drive car rental or Chauffeur-Driven Car Rental in Chennai we offer top class car rental at the very affordable price.


Now drive the bustling roads as much you can our car rental in Chennai offer you the unlimited-kilometer driving option. Unlike other self drive car rental services in Chennai, we don’t charge you for the extra kilometer after a certain limit. We understand the kilometer barrier is one of the main factors which spoils the fun of the journey. By choosing our self drive car rental service in Chennai you can drive the car anywhere without any restriction.


We are available 24×7 which means there is always someone to assist you with the queries. We believe customer is the main reason we have reached this position therefore our customer support team will guide you anywhere anytime.


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Royal Picks Car Rental in Chennai

We Make your Journey more Enjoyable

Rather than being the 4th largest city in India Chennai is one of the most visited tourist destinations. With its rich culture and heritage, Chennai is referred to as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. This city has got some sheer architecture building and temple which evident the great historical past of the city. If you are planning to explore this charming city our self drive car rental service in Chennai got you covered.

Now drive through the bustling roads in Chennai with the car of your choice as we offer a wide range of cars to choose from right from Hatch bags to luxury cars. We strive to make the journey more enjoyable and comfortable therefore our self drive car rental in Chennai insured and well-maintained cars.



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Per Hour : Rs 200

12 Hours : Rs 1500

24 Hours : Rs 2300

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SWIFT Car For Rent

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Per Hour : Rs 150

12 Hours : Rs 1200

24 Hours : Rs 1,800

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self drive car rental services

Per Hour : Rs 250

12 Hours : Rs 1500

24 Hours : Rs 2500

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Royal Picks offers several parking spaces throughout your city from wherever you can get the low budget Own Board cars you have chosen. Our self drive car rental service allows you to choose between driving time and kilometers, looking at what you want, with a range of flexible packages.