Self Drive Car Rental Service Chennai

Why Royal Picks is the Best Self-Drive Car Rental Service in Chennai?

Royal Picks is one of a kind car rental service provider in Chennai. We have both car rentals with drivers and a self-drive car rental service in Chennai. You can find the cars that you want and easily book the same. Whether you need the comfort of a driver driving the car for you or the convenience of driving yourself and having privacy in your journey, we are the perfect company to give you both.

Luxury Car Rentals

We have more than 87 models of cars in our fleet and each day our cars travel at least 100,000 km daily. With such a large fleet of cars, you can find any car that you want at any time of the day. We also have luxury car rentals in Chennai. You can also get luxury cars under our self-drive car rental service in Chennai. Enjoy the pleasure of driving a premium car with our service.

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Affordable Self-Drive Cars in Chennai

Self-drive cars are a great way to have the convenience of driving your own car without having the need to pay a huge amount of money upfront. If you are planning for a trip with your friends and family, you are no longer constrained by public transports or costly rental packages. Self-drive cars come without a driver and there are no additional charges on the kilometer that you travel. You can easily book the self-drive car rental service in Chennai from our website and have a car for yourself at just ₹1500 per day.

Even a 7 seater car rental in Chennai only costs ₹2500 per day. So, what are you thinking about? Go on that trip today.

Minimum Liability

Our cars are well maintained and we expect all those who hire the car rentals to drive responsibly and in a safe manner. However, accidents do happen on roads and even for a minor scratch or accident the cost associated with the repairs will be high. That is why we offer completely insured cars with limited liability on your end. You only need to pay a token amount for the issues caused by you and the insurance will cover the rest of the charges. So, drive with confidence when you hire the best self-drive car rental service in Chennai.

Simple Booking for Self-drive Cars

Booking a self-drive car in Chennai should be easy and simple. That is why we offer a completely transparent booking system on our website. You can simply pay using any of the payment methods including Google Pay, UPI, or online transactions and we will book the car for you. You can also get delivery and pickup of the car from our garage to your home. So, you need not worry about the travel to and from our garage. We have got you covered.

No Cap on Distance

Many self-drive car services in Chennai have a maximum distance that you can travel within a day. If you cross that mark, there will an additional charge that you have to pay to the company on top of the fuel expenses. This is not the way it is supposed to be. That is why we at Royal Picks do not have any cap on the distance that you can travel in our cars. You pay for the fuel and you are free to drive the car for whatever distance you want.

Our worry-free self-drive car rental service in Chennai also comes with excellent customer support. So, you need not worry about the problems that you might face on the journey. We are here to help you. Book your self-drive car from royal Picks today and enjoy the privacy and joy of driving the car by yourself.

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