Self Drive Car Rental Service in Chepauk, Chennai – 600005

car rental service in chepauk

Car Rental in Chepauk

Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in Chepauk, Chennai – 600005. Chepauk is one of the famous places in Chennai even though it is a small city it got some great place to explore. This neighbourhood is well known for its Chepauk cricket stadium also known as M. A. Chidambaram International Cricket Stadium. Apart from the cricket stadium, there are many other places like Chepauk palace which was built in Indo-Saracenic style. The central research library is yet another prominent landmark of Chepauk

Whether you are planning to visit cheapuk to explore the palace or to visit the central research library or to enjoy the live cricket match we at Royal picks offer you a car rental in Chepauk.  We provide pick up drop service from airport or railway station. We committed to offering impressive car rental in Chepauk to all the wanders and travellers to which to explore this beautiful city.  Our rental services come with various packages like weekly, daily or monthly plans. Perhaps these plans can be even customized as per your needs and requirement.

Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in ChepaukSelf Drive car rental in Chepauk

If you are not a big fan of chauffeur drivers then we at Royal Picks offers you self drive car rental services in Chepauk.  By choosing our car hire services you have the full freedom of driving the car on your own pace.

Chennai is one of the best tourist locations in India the city; City boasted with long rods, highways and charming landscapes and it the ideal location for many travellers, weekend seekers, and shutterbugs.  However, exploring Chennai with public transport might spoil your fun of travelling. By choosing our self drive car rental services in Chepauk you can explore places that can’t be reached by public transports.

In addition, you can take a pit stop to breathe in clean air and learn about the culture and enjoy the local food with our self drive car in Chepauk which can’t be done with public transport.

Whether just a small intercity ride or long adventures ride our self drive car rental service in Chepauk can help you. We have incorporated an extensive range of cars ranges from hatch bags, sedans and luxury cars. All our cars are insured and well maintained therefore you sure have a safe and secure ride one you hit on the road.

A road trip is an exciting way to explore the loops and corners of Chennai; therefore, we strive to ensure you have a great experience with our self drive car rental services in Chepauk.

Self drive car in Chepauk

Is it a weekend getaway? Or just a small road trip or a family trip whatever the reason to visit Chennai; our self drive car in cheapauk will give you the freedom, comfort and convince to explore the Chennai.

Moreover, most of the tourist also prefers self drive cars over other public transport because they feel self drive car in Chepauk are more convenient and comfortable. All our fleets come with various safety feature and the latest features such as GPS, Airbags etc.  Therefore by availing our self car in Cheapauk your safety is guaranteed. Our hub scattered all around Chennai, therefore, we either deliver to your preferred location or at your doorstep without any delay.

While we have a lot of room around the world, it is crucial to ensure no to drain off your wallet. Choosing self car rental in Chepauk that suits your budget is crucial.

Self Drive Car Rental Service in ChepaukSelf Drive Car Service in Chepauk, Chennai

Whether for shopping, Travel, malls, cafes, food, aquariums, ponds, museums sightseeing, fun parks, garden, and car rentals; we offer the best car hire services at very competitive prices in the market. Comfortable travel is much vital while choosing a car hire in Chepauk.

To enjoy your trip you do not need your own vehicle; while in Chennai you our slef drive car rental services in Chepauk. Choose a wide range of cars from rental services as per your needs. Now take advantage of the best car rental service in and around Chepauk.

We royal picks gained a name as the growing self drive car rental services in Chepauk. As the trusted brand name Royal picks focused on providing customer satisfaction and value for money service. We give the customers a good quality rental service, our main purpose being our customer satisfaction. Why not rent a car, with car rental in Chepauk.

Care Hire in Chepauk

Being the leading self drive car rental in Chepauk our primary goal is to offer quality services and establishes a long term relationship with our customers.
We operate 24×7; which means there is always someone to assist you no matter what time it is. We are very much happy to serve our clients to reach their destination safely.

We have GPS tracking vehicles at Royal picks car hire in Chepauk. Our car rental service provides the car with the right choice and availability for customers. Self-driving vehicles will give customers a new experience and enjoy their travel time with great comfort. We are the final choice if you are considering car hire in Chepuak.

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