Self Drive Car Rental Service in Mylapore, Chennai – 600004

self drive car rental in Mylapore

Car Rental in Mylapore

Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in Mylapore, Chennai – 600004. Mylapore is one of the well-known places in the city of Chennai.  This city is blessed with history, culture and some of the amusing places to explore. Thanks to the heritage the city holds which makes Mylapore the most visited neighbourhood in Chennai.  If you are planning to explore the vast beauty of Chennai city then relying on public transport can be a bad idea. Most of the tourist and explores prefer car rental services in Mylapore over public transport. Therefore, by opting our car rental in Mylapore you have the full freedom and convenience of driving the own car.

We strive to cater to our customers by providing quality car rental services in Mylapore. Therefore, with our extensive range of cars from Small hatch bags to luxury cars; we have catered many tourist and local travellers to explore this aesthetical city. Our value for money car rental in Mylapore and unmatched customer satisfaction made us one of the trusted car hire in Mylapore.

Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in Mylapore

The best part about going on a road trip is driving! If you are someone who likes to drive you are in the right place. We offer Self drive car rental in Mylapore for all tourist who wishes to drive on their trip.

Whether you are coming to Chennai or travelling from Chennai our car hire in Mylapore is here to help you. We help you to reach your desired location with safety and comfort; furthermore, all our cars are well maintained and brand new. Our self drive car in Mylapore hired based on monthly, weekly or daily basis. We offer flexible car rental services you can even customize your plan as per your need and requirement. Quality, convenience and support are the major focus; this is what set us apart from other self car rental services in Mylapore.

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As the capital of Tamil Nadu Chennai welcomes tourist and explores all around the world with open hands. Some travel to Chennai through train, flight or even some plan on road trip for those travel enthusiast we Royal picks offers self drive car rental services in Mylapore.

Moreover, we deliver your car at our preferred location; it might to the railway station, airport or even at your home and we deliver your car on time without any delay. We have a huge collection of cars you can select from our extensive range of cars depends on your needs.

Self drive car in Mylapore

As one of the popular destinations of tourist Chennai is the perfect mix of modernity and tradition. Chennai city is filled with bustling roads, motorways and beautiful landscapes which make it a perfect place for travel enthusiastic, shutterbugs, weekend seekers. Therefore, if you are planning to explore this city self drive car in Mylapore is the best option. The reason to opt car rental services because there places where even public transport can’t reach; Therefore with our Self drive car in Mylapore you can explore the undiscovered beauty of Chennai.

We bring the latest technology and safety devices like Airbags, GPS to all our cars to ensure in giving a safe ride to our customers. Besides what more interesting about our car Self drive car in Mylapore is we provide unlimited-kilometre. If you are not new to Car rental services probably you might hear of the kilometre limiting .which means after you reach the limit they will charge you extra for further kilometres. Therefore, this might completely spoil your fun of the trip; we understand that and provide you unlimited-kilometre.

If you are in the hurry of a business trip sit back and enjoy as we offer chauffeur drivers as well. Furthermore, we have hatch bags for city traffic rides or sedan for a long drive, Hybrid cars and SUV for adventures rides or hill trips or even luxury cars. We got one for all your needs.

Care Hire in Mylapore

Whatever might be the reason to visit Chennai; our car hire in Mylapore give you the exception rental services to explore the loops and corners of the city. Over a decade of experience in car rental in Mylapore we gave catered many tourist and local people reach their destination. Besides, no city is too big are small to us; our hub is located at all major location of Chennai. The railway station, airport or tourist places you can find us everywhere.
We here to help you 24x 7 which means there is always someone there for you to help in resolving your queries. We give the best price and quality and you can secure your reservation with our secure payment methods. You can choose monthly rental car packages, unlimited-kilometre packages; our all cars are insured therefore driving on open roads you are safe and secure. 

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