car rental in nungambakkam

Self Drive Car Rental Service in Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034

car rental in nungambakkam


Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034. Nungambakkam is the central and main hub of Chennai. Its strategic location provides great access to the neighborhood with nearly all parts of Chennai, making it an excellent destination for almost every business in the city, from shopping to drinks and movies. Confused about what to do in the Chennai where to visit first heading to Nungambakkam is your best bet.

If you are planning for a road trip or a business trip or family outing our car rental services in Nungambakkam is here to help you. We take pride in ourselves self saying with over the decades of experience in the field we have helped many tourists in the journey to reach their destination with our car rental in Nungambakkam.

Our car rental in Nungambakkam has various types of cars ranging from

  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Mid-Size
  • Full-Size
  • Premium
  • Luxury
  • Mini Car
  • Convertible

You can pick the car as per your needs and requirement. All our plans are flexible and budget-friendly. By choosing our car rental in Nungambakkam you don’t have to be concerned about your budget.

rental carConditions for a Self Drive Car Rental in Nungambakkam

Car Rental Company in Nungambakkam rents a car for a short period of time it is subject to some conditions that may differ compared to other companies. Our vehicle must be returned to the company after the time limit.  Self drive car rental services in Nungambakkam provide unlimited mileage, so you can ride the car without thinking about the mileage. Furthermore, our customer who takes the car for rent should have a driving license also come under the age limit that has been fixed by our company. Our car hire in Nungambakkam asks for an international driving license in the case of taking the car outstation. In Addition, we accept all types of cards and cash payments. We will make additional charges in case of any damages to the car or if you didn’t return the car on time.

Advantages of Self Drive car in Nungambakkam:

  • Freedom of Moment
  • Money-Saving
  • Quality of life
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Affordability
  • Low-cost Travelling

Our self drive car rental services in Nungambakkam offer the “One Way” service which means you can rent a car from home and can drop it in another place even though it is not in the city limits.

Therefore, it is very easy to find our car rental office because it is not only in Nungambakkam but also located near the airport and railway station.

  • Our car is faster to reach a determined destination.
  • Our cars are incorporated with GPS or different apps.
  • Car hire in Nungambakkam is a convenient way, contrary to public transport.
  • Don’t worry about maintaining the car, because we will charge for everything.
  • Payments for our rental car are low because you are paying rent compared to buying a car.
  • We define routes and take alternate routes that you can’t do in public transport.
  • We provide a car that fits your likes and needs.
  • Our car hire in Nungambakkam bring the car to the place where you are, it doesn’t matter how much far you are.

self drive car rentalWhy renting is better than owning a car?

As everyone knows that ownership of a car comes with its share of troubles like monthly EMIs insurance maintenance and annual description of the value. Living in metros is a challenging task by those times it is not easy to increase your commitments.

Is it better to rent a car for a long trip?

It is cheaper to rent a car rather than drive yours. If you drive your own car, because you will be putting additional miles on it, you’ll be literally driving down the resale value of your vehicle. Additionally car rental in Nungambakkam may get you better gas mileage, that could make lower fuel cost to your trip.

Why you should choose our Self drive car in Nungambakkam? 

Our years of experience at our Nungambakkam rental cars ensure that your trip is smooth and comfortable, using the highest quality services. The longer you rent with us we reward you with a discount and coupons to lower the rate. You have a wide range of vehicles to choose from with our exhausting range of car collection. Our dedicated, friendly staffs are on hand to assist you while you vacation on the island.

  1. Flexible Pick-up

Our car hire in Nungambakkam, Chennai offers free delivery of the car on Railway Station, airport or at your preferred location.

  1. Unlimited Mileage

Our self drive Car rental in Nungambakkam gives unlimited miles for you, so feel free during your vacation or business trip to as far as you like.

  1. Full Insurance

With our car rental in Nungambakkam, we offer you a full comprehensive all risks coverage insurance

  1. 24 /7 Services

If breakdown or recovery occurs, call us at any time. You can use immediate free services to your residence or a replacement car.

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