car rental service in OMR

Self Drive Car Rental Service in OMR, Chennai – 600097

car rental service in OMR

Car Rental in OMR Chennai                              

Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in OMR, Chennai – 600097. Are you searching for the best car rental in OMR, Chennai at a low cost? Royal Picks is the supreme option to hire self-drive car rental services in OMR, Chennai at your notch to make your ride involvement an intrepid one. Moreover, we have all brands of cars with the entire establishment to make your journey a comfortable one. You can also choose Car rentals for all-purpose. We offer top tips to car hire OMR, Chennai at a reasonable cost. We operate self drive Cars in OMR, Chennai pre-books your favorite cars, and we are ready to serve you to reach your destination within the city and outstation.

Self Drive Car Rental Service in OMR, Chennai 

Driving a car for a certain period of time is a Car rental. We Royal Picks is now at OMR you can plan for a trip by renting the car from Self Drive Car rental services in OMR, Chennai. You can choose the car according to your wish and comfort and also drive it by yourself. Rent a car at an affordable cost it comes with unlimited mileage so you don’t want to worry about the mileage and also the fuel charge it includes in the rent. You will feel free by driving the car on your own. You can create your own memories by renting the self drive Car rental services in OMR, Chennai.

Car Hire in OMR, Chennai

Car hire is renting a car for a period of time with the chauffeur. You don’t want to drive the car instead of that you can sit along with your family and enjoy it. We will send a chauffeur whom we trust a lot and well experienced one because our customer safety is important for us. He will drive the car safely for you and help you to reach your destiny. Spend your quality time with your loved one and make the trip a memorable one by hiring a car from Royal Picks, Car rental in OMR, Chennai.

Benefits of renting a Self Drive Cars in OMR, Chennai

self drive car rental

  • Drive-by yourself
  • GPS Installed
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Drive new model car
  • 24×7 Customer Service
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Cut the cost of motoring
  • Supreme Quality

The car that we have is being maintained well and serviced regularly; you don’t want to worry about the condition of the car. We wish our customers should not face any trouble while riding the car. All we need is customer satisfaction. Get a luxurious car in our Self Drive Cars in OMR at an affordable cost. Save your time and money by booking online.

We offer short-term and long-term packages, for business trips, vacations, etc. You have the freedom to choose the car that you want we won’t force you to take any car which you don’t like we respect your needs and requirements. Get ready to book your Car rental in OMR and explore your destination. We maintain our cars with trusted workers and test the condition of the car often with a good chauffeur. Moreover, we have new brand cars that you have not expected from us. Our car hire in OMR comes up with a reasonable price on all our packages. You can drive the car according to your wish if you rent a car.

self drive car rental service

Conditions for renting a Self Drive Car Rental services in OMR, Chennai

  • The car which you have rented should be returned after the time limit.
  • You should be above 18 years.
  • Must have an authorized driving license.
  • Additional charges will be added in case of any damage to the car.
  • You can’t rent a car if you have been involved in any traffic-related cases.
  • Renter should have an International Driving Licence if you rent the car for an outstation.
  • You must provide the following ID proofs i.e. Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Votre ID.

Our fleet offers will make you travel at a low cost. Vehicles should be returned safely without any damage if not the charges will be applied. Get car hire in OMR, Chennai with all amenities in your favor. You can choose your favorite car at an affordable price. We offer small rides, sedans for long drives, and SUVs for adventure rides. You have the freedom of choosing the cars as per your specifications.

Avail Our Car Hire in OMR

We have the pre-eminent quality of car hire services in OMR. Now you book your Car rental in Self Drive Car rental services in OMR, Chennai, and see the difference in traveling in the hired car instead of traveling in some other vehicle or in public transport. Our Car rental in OMR gives many offers to our customers so you can make use of it to make your day a perfect one. You can rent a car as long as you want it depends on your requirements.

If you want the car after the time limit you can extend the timing but you have to pay the charges for that time. The only thing you have to do is you have to inform us about the time extension before the duration time ends. Our car rental in OMR is available for less than 24 hours, One Week, One Month, more than a month, and so on. Enjoy your driving experience with our monthly car rental packages which help you to save some amount while you are paying the rent.

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