self drive car rental services in ekkaduthangal

Self Drive Car Rental Services in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai – 600032

self drive car rental services in ekkaduthangal

Car Rental in Ekkaduthangal

Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Services in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai – 600032. Ekkaduthangal is located in Chennai, it is also known as Ekkaduthangal. Surrounded by Jafferkhanpet, Guindy, and Ramapuram. The area pin code is 600032. The Chennai Metro Railway station at Ekkaduthangal became operational on 29 June 2015.

Self Drive Car Rental Services in Ekkaduthangal

Are you planning to go on a vacation with your family and waiting for the vehicle that you wish? Don’t worries we Royal Picks are now at Ekkaduthangal, book your favourite brand and colour car. Once you book the car we will keep it in the hold so your vacation will not be postponed.  You will be comfortable while driving the car on your own. You can rent a luxurious car at an affordable cost, with unlimited mileage. We Car Rental in Ekkaduthangal’s main aim are to serve the people who rent the car from us. Choose your favourite colour and brand car reserve before your vacation.

Self Drive Car Rental Cars Service in Ekkaduthangal

self drive car rental services in ekkaduthangal chennai

We provide Car rental in Ekkaduthangal with a chauffeur therefore you don’t want to worry about driving the car. Our chauffeur will safely drive for you to reach your destination. We have various types of car you can choose it based on your needs and comforts.

The reason why you should choose a Self Drive car Rental service in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai is you can make your own privacy, you can drive the car safely for your family, you can go anywhere you want, can rent a car at your budget. You can save your money by renting the car from Self Drive Car Rental service in Ekkaduthangal. Make your journey a memorable one by driving the car by yourself; it will be more comfortable than sitting in the back seat and travelling. Instead of going to public transport or taxies renting a car is a better way to make your trip so you will enjoy travelling in the rental car. You can rent the car for outstation too.

Conditions for Renting a Car from Self Drive Car rental services in Ekkduthangal, Chennai

  • The car should be returned after the time limit.
  • The person who rents the car must be above 18.
  • Should have an authorized Driving Licence
  • Additional charges will be added in case of any damage to the car.
  • Must provide the following ID proofs ie Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID.
  • You should have an International Driving Licence if you are renting a car for outstation.
  • You will not be allowed if you have participated in any of the traffic related cases.

Rent a car from Self Drive Car Rental in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai you will be the owner of that car till the time limit. You can go wherever you want and can discover many routes which you can’t do in public transport or taxis. You don’t want to stay in traffic for a long time skip it with an alternate route. Plan your vacation today, without delaying book a car rental in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai at low cost.

self drive cars rental service in ekkaduthangal chennai

Choose a perfect car rental which is convenient for you and your family and friends. We closely work with our customers to satisfy their needs. We offer a variety of car services like Self Drive Car rental services in Ekkaduthangal, self drive car with driver, Book your car rental in Ekkaduthangal now and get many exciting offers. Get hourly bases rental car for your convenience, rent a car from us and be free to make your journey. You will get additional discounts if you are renting self drive cars from Ekkaduthangal, Chennai if you book a car for a couple of days. Enjoy your driving experience with our monthly car rental packages which helps you to save some amount while you are paying the rent.

Avail Our Car rental in Ekkaduthangal

While going on a long trip, renting a car is cheaper instead of owning a car. These include the trip’s mileage, fuel efficiency, leasing cost as well as oil charge and description. The road trip calculator will help you to decide if you should rent a car for your next road trip. What is the difference between car rental and car hire in Ekkaduthangal? The main difference between car rental and car hire in Ekkaduthangal is that you can drive the car by yourself in a car rental service; you will feel like the owner of the car until your subscription period. You can use the car for a specified period of time. Where as in car hiring they will provide the car with a driver.

All our Self Drive Rental Car in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai is being maintained well by servicing it regularly, the condition of all our cars are good and you can rent it without any doubt. We will not pressure you to take the car that you don’t like. Renting a car has become one of the prominent parts of our holidays this type of renting a car flourishing everywhere across the globe. Why are you waiting? Book your Self Drive Rental Car in Ekkaduthangal, Chennai today itself and enjoy your driving. Spend your quality time with your Family and Friends by riding it by yourself.

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