Chennai is one of the largest cities in South India.  Chennai is increasing day by day and the amount of traffic in the city is also increasing. Already moving from one place to another in the city is getting harder. However public transports are not completely reliable. Even when they are reliable they do not reach the destination at the given time. While Metro trains and mats can stick to the timeline the local buses seldom reach the destination at the correct time.

So it is easier to travel in Chennai by using your own car. When you don’t own a car in Chennai, it becomes difficult to reach your destination at the time you want. Hiring a taxi every time to travel from one end of the city to another could become costly in the long run. Even a day’s travel of 30 km could easily come more than 1500.

Instead of hiring a taxi every time you need to go out of the house you can hire a self-drive car from the comfort of your home and take it out when you want. Chennai has a rich network of self-drive cars. You can car hire in Chennai easily by logging on to Royal Picks.

Why Royal Picks is the Best Self Drive Car Rental Service in Chennai

Royal Picks is a premiere and trustworthy brand in this field.  With self-drive cars from all leading brands and models, we have the best fleet of self-drive cars in Chennai.  You can hire your favorite car and drive it wherever you want.  You don’t have to pay a very high upfront amount in order to hire a car with us. Our charges are nominal and all our cars are well maintained.

Additionally, our cars are also properly insured and it covers you from any e unfortunate accidents. You need not worry about the costs associated with the recovery and repair of the cars. In case of repair or malfunction in the middle of the road, you can simply contact our customer care and let them know of the problem. Our technicians and mechanics will come to the spot and help you with the issues. In most cases, you can also take another self-drive car and continue with your journey. Moreover, certain occasions require you to reach the place in a four-wheeler. For example, even some large hotel chains allow only cars inside their premises. In such situations, you can hire our self-drive cars in Chennai and reach the place without any worries.

In short, hiring the best self drive car rentals in Chennai is not only convenient but also safe. Power well-maintained cars help you to reach your destination with your family at the expected time. You no longer have to worry about the bus and train schedules on the day. You are free to use your own vehicle and reach the place in style.