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Self-drive cars give you the freedom to move around the city when you want. Hiring a taxi or a car rental is easy as it comes with a driver. However, it also puts you at a disadvantage. When you have a driver, you have to accommodate the time and schedule of the driver too. You can’t go to any place without the agreement of the driver.

Similarly, when you are busy with your shopping or travel, you can’t expect the driver to wait patiently for you. They might move away for their own personal works. Ultimately you will end up waiting for the return of the driver to pick the car. This is why self-drive cars are becoming a trendy thing.

What is a Self-Drive Car?

Self-drive cars are ones that you can hire by the hour or on a daily basis and drive yourself. You need not pay extra money for the driver and also need not worry about the schedule and availability of drivers. You can drive off in the car, whenever you want. Additionally, this also helps you to accommodate one more person in the car. If your family has five members, it will be hard for you to fit everyone in one car with a driver. At the same time, it is not worth hiring two cars as only one person needs to come in a separate car.

A self-drive car will fit all the five in your family and if you can adjust it can house as many as 6 people in the car.

Advantages of Self-Drive Car Rentals in Chennai

Royal Picks provides one of the best self-drive car rentals in Chennai. Our well-maintained cars are readily available for you to drive. You can choose the car of your liking and pay for the same. With a customer-friendly hiring process, you can find the car of your choice for you.

Moreover, the cars are properly cleaned and sanitised to provide complete protection to you and your family.  We also ensure that the car is pristine when you take it for driving.

Zero-Maintenance Promise

All our self-drive car rentals in Chennai come with a zero maintenance policy. You need not worry about the condition of the engine, wheel, brakes, and other minor elements in the car. Everything is promptly checked before delivering the car for your driving.

Wide Varieties

We have more than 85+ models in our fleet and you can choose the one that fits your requirement. Each car comes with its own advantage and disadvantage. You choose to depend on the fuels like CNG, Petrol, Diesel, etc.

Regardless of the model of the car, all these are assured to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and secure journey. Hurry up, hire the best self-drive cars in Chennai today.