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Royal Picks – Affordable Car Rental Service in Chennai

Hiring a taxi is easy but the cost of traveling in a taxi increase after a threshold amount of time and distance. That is why hiring a car for yourself is much cheaper and wiser. At Royal Picks, we provide excellent car rental service in Chennai. Our fleet of cars can be hired for a specific number of hours or days as per your need. When you take a car rental service in Chennai, you save a lot on your transport bill and also experience the convenience of traveling at the time of your choice.

Free Booking

At Royal Picks, we offer free booking for your car rentals in Chennai. Paying for travel is what you should pay and that is what you will ever pay with us. All that you have to do is call our customer support or use our app and we will book the car for you.

Round the Clock Availability of Cars

With more than 87 models of cars and hundreds of cars in our fleet, you can book a car at any time of the day. Our round-the-clock availability of cars makes it easy for you to hire our car rental service in Chennai.

Trusted Drivers & Chauffeurs

At Royal Picks we only work with experienced and verified drivers and chauffeurs. When you take a car rental from us, you can be assured that only good drivers with genuine credentials are there to drive you around.

24/7 Support

Our fleet of cars comes with dedicated 24/7 support. When you hire our car rental service in Chennai, you can be assured that no matter what difficulty or issue that you face, our customer support will jump in to solve the issues for you. All our cars are equipped with the latest technological devices like GPS that enable live tracking. So, we will be able to assist you in a matter of time.

Clean & Quality Vehicles

We know the cleanliness is next only to godliness and hence we make it a point to keep all our cars clean. This makes your trip a safe and pleasant one. All our vehicles that are in car rental service in Chennai undergo complete sanitisation and cleaning before every trip. You can travel without the worry of contracting COVID19.

Transparent Pricing

We do not engage in spike pricing that is confusing. Our flat rate of the fee and detailed invoice for all your trips ensure that you know what you are paying for. You will also get an approximate amount that you will have to pay for the trip while booking.

We do not charge for booking the car for you. So, what are you waiting for? Book our car rental service in Chennai and have a safe and happy journey.

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