Self Drive Car in Chennai

Get a Self-Drive Car Chennai & Drive Safe

Have you ever experienced panic while being in the passenger seat in the car? We all might have been there. Today, most drivers are stressed and drive without rest due to the high demand and long working hours. Such drivers will be temperamental and might even drive rashly.

You no longer have to be worried about the driving skills and condition of the driver. You can easily hire a self-drive car in Chennai.

Self-Drive Cars Are the Happening Thing

When you need to travel from Chennai to Mahabalipuram or Chennai to Pondicherry for a day and come back, you need not hire a car with a driver. If you want to travel with your family or friends, you need not compromise on privacy. Hire a self-drive car in Chennai and travel to the place of your choice.

As these cars come without a driver, you need not worry about the privacy of your family. You can speak and enjoy the drive without any inhibitions. Also, you can stop the car whenever you want to. You can stop at each and every shop that you see on the way. This freedom of stopping the car when you want is similar to driving your own car, without any costs.

Bumper to Bumper Insurance

All our Royal Picks cars come with complete insurance. In the unfortunate event of any accidents, you need not worry about the liabilities. Barring a minimal feel, there won’t be any charges or liabilities on you. You can safely drive the self-drive car in Chennai with confidence.

Pristine Cars

Royal Picks cars are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before every trip. You need not clean the car after picking it up from our shops. You can simply choose, pay and drive the car.

Continuous Customer Support

One of the best facilities with our self-drive cars Chennai is that you get 24X7 customer support from our executives. Whenever you face a problem on the road or an occasional issue with the vehicle, we will readily assist you in all possible ways. You need not wait or worry about minor troubles. We will guide you to the closest place where you can get your problems solved.

Flat & Transparent Pricing

Unlike other operators, we don’t put a cap on the distance that you travel. When you hire the car and pay for the fuel, it shouldn’t matter how many kilometers you travel. Your money, your fuel, and your trip. We don’t interfere in that.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a self-drive car in Chennai and travel with absolute privacy today.

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