Self Drive Car Rental Services in Perungudi, Chennai – 600096

self drive car rental services in perungudi chennai

Perungudi is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. it is situated about 10kilometers south of Adyar. It is bordered on two sides by the Old Mahabalipuram Road and the Perungudi Lake. It is between Taramani and Thoreipakkam and parallel to Kottivakkam and Palavakkam in the East Coast Road (ECR Highway).

Car Rental in Perungudi

Royal Picks provide the Best Self Drive Car Rental Services in Perungudi, Chennai – 600096. Renting a car for a certain period of the time limit is a rental car. Have you planned your vacation and waiting for your favourite car that you has booked for rent? No worries we Royal Picks are now at Perungudi book a car from us and enjoy your trip. We Self Drive Rental Cars in Perungudi provide you with a car for rent at an affordable cost. Worried about the mileage? We come up with unlimited mileage so you can ride the car where ever you want. You will be comfortable while driving the car by on your own and can spend your quality time with your family or friends.

Car Hire in Perungudi 

Self Drive Car Rental services in Perungudi

Hire a car from car rental in Perungudi, Chennai and make your journey a memorable one. You don’t want to get tensed by driving the car; because we provide the car with a chauffeur so you can sit along with your family members and have fun with them. Furthermore, our chauffeur will drive the car safely for you to reach your destination. We have various types of cars in our Self Drive Car Rental services in Perungudi, Chennai chooses a car which suits to your trip.

Conditions for renting a car from Self Drive Car Rental in Perungudi

  • Your age should be above 18 years.
  • You should provide an authorized Driving Licence.
  • The car should be returned after the time limit.
  • You will not be allowed to drive the car if you have participated in any of the traffic related cases.
  • If you rent the car for outstation you should have an International Driving Licence.
  • You should provide the following ID proofs.

You will not get tensed while driving the car by yourself and can find the new routes with the GPS that have been installed in the car. Car Rental in Perungudi provides 24×7 customer service so you can drive the car liberally. You don’t want to pay any extra amount for the fuel because we will charge including the fuel. All our vehicles insured and maintained well. Our car hire in Perungudi checks the condition of the car before giving it to you. With our Self Drive Car Rental in Perungudi, Chennai you can rent the car for an hour, 24 hours, or more than 24 hours it may be day and month based, you can book according to your convenience.

Are you planning to go out of the city? We are here to provide a car which you wish. If you ride the rental car you will not think to buy a car because you will be used for the rental cars and have the curiosity to choose the self drive cars. By renting the car you can drive all brand cars and come to know about all the cars. Moreover, our car rental in Perungudi main aim is to satisfy our customers by giving the best cars or Self Drive.

Why you should rent a car for Self Drive Car Rental in Perungudi, Chennai?

self drive car rental service in perungudi

  • Comfort
  • Save time and money
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • GPS Installed
  • Budget Friendly
  • Drive Latest model Car
  • Cur cost of Motoring
  • 24×7 Customer Service

Self Drive Car Rental Services in Perungudi

Booking our car rental is easy you can make a call and also you can go to the website and give the asked particulars, choose the mode of payment you want it will be better if you pay with a credit card. You need to upgrade your driving license, address proof and the payment details in case of reservation even in the time of registration. Self Driving Cars in Perungudi is safe to travel it is being connected with GPS, so you don’t want to search for routes and by that time we will send you the notification, which road you have to take, and the road that you are riding is safe or not, also about the traffic in the route. So, you can choose a different circuit.

Our self drive car rental in Perungudi, Chennai is to help the people who want their journey to be a memorable one; we participate in their happiness by renting our car to create more and more memories while travelling with family and friends and also for a business trip. Hurry up and book a car rental in Perungudi. Self Driving is better to avoid tension and also you can make your journey eternal.

Self Drive Cars in Perungudi

All our Self Drive Cars in Perungudi, Chennai is being maintained well by servicing it regularly, the condition of all our cars are good and you can rent it without any doubt. We will not pressure you to take the car that you don’t like. Renting a car has become one of the prominent parts of our holidays this type of renting a car flourishing everywhere across the globe. Why are you waiting? Book your Self Drive Car Rental in Perungudi, Chennai today itself and enjoy your driving. Spend your quality time with your Family and Friends by riding it by your self.

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